A Woman’s Touch


I love the poems that women write.

Poems about white sheets

drying on a clothes line in the sun.

I can hear the children running

through those starchy white tunnels

squealing with laughter.

All those Mothers, delicate and moist

from earnest scrubbing and finishing touches.

Hands that soothed fevered brows,

or slapped the beJesus

out of a backtalking teenager.

A woman’s touch is a fine art in itself,

deftly turning a page

in the middle of Polonaise,

or smooth and sultry,

a hand sliding down a satin slip,

sleek and soft,

smelling of lavender

or White Gardenia.

Where are those dust-powdery teachers, now?

What were their names?

Mrs. Angel or Mrs. Cotton,

with glasses hanging on a thin chain

a handkerchief tucked in the bosom

of a dark green gabardine dress.

Where is that soft voice

asking us eight-year-old girls,

“What is grace?”

“The unmerited gift from God,”

we replied in unison.

==== © 2017 Chip McDaniel


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Girdled and Gloved

Two days after my 80th birthday, my memoir was up on Amazon! It only took me 25 years to write it. Girdled and Gloved: From Radio to YouTube.

“50’s girl fails auditions, marriage, and psychotherapy.” is my book hook!

Charlotte Ashurst McDaniel holds a BFA in Drama, is a self-taught songwriter/musician, composer, poet, actress, photographer and gardener.

I haven’t figured out how to add photos at this WordPress Site. My main blog is http://bluetomatojournal.blogspot.com

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Confessions of a Blue Tomato


Hello Friends! CLICK on the above to read, “Confessions of a Blue Tomato:A Memoir of yearning for the American Dream, spanning eighty years —  From Streetcars to YouTube — 

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Shakespeare’s Tomorrow & Tomorrow with a Twist

A narrated musical rendition of Tomorrow & tomorrow with photos and original music, with a wry twist of humor.

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Welcome to my World of Silent Dreams!

Here’s a view of my garden of Eden ,

where I sketch in a journal, & write & compose music from ideas. 

Listen to the slow jazzy sound :  Dreams Under My Pillow

(Nevermind: WordPress won’t let me upload an mp3! Boo-Hoo!)

Room with a View

Room with a View

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